Thursday, October 14, 2010

MMmmm breadsticks

I love the day after I get a hair cut. My hair feels soft, no dry ends and it looks great. So I'm truly ready to ride in St George this weekend because it's really all about the hair. No not really because it (the hair) hides all day in my helmet. I am excited to ride in St George this weekend though. Warm weather, good company and a relaxed ride. No worries about time and pushing it-- just out for one last fun ride in beautiful surroundings and weather and top it of with a dip in the pool and then dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and warm breadsticks with whip cream topping. MMMMmmmm. This ride is not about the hair or the weather or even the ride--it's all about eating the breadsticks and whip cream at the end of the day guilt free!!!! Can't wait.

Friday, September 24, 2010

This is a picture at the finish line of the triathlon. Scott and I with Lynn and Jacob who persuaded us to enter.

Jack now known as "flipper boy" trying on Scott's wet suit.

Jack and I showing off our wetsuits and muscles.

Jack and I at Cascade Springs this summer. Just thought I'd throw this one in for fun.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Herriman Sprint Triathlon
(you'll have to copy and paste)
Here are some very flattering pictures from the triathlon. I thought I was looking cute in my wet suit until I saw this picture--oh well.

The triathlon was incredible. I am looking forward to the next one but with a lot more swimming time prep before hand. Swimming in open water with no walls to hold on to to rest plus being in a race with people witnessing my slow progress is a little nerve racking. I was in the last wave of racers to start and so my goal was to not be the last one in the water. I did it but not by much. One good thing of being in the 40+ female group is everyone else has started and cleared out of the first transition area before I've even begun but the downside is that it leaves you feeling like you're bring up the rear (which you are) and that you must be very slow. I didn't get passed by anyone on the bike or run but I was feeling like a I was trying to catch up to Scott, Lynn and Jacob the entire time. I forgot that the timing chip starts as each person starts their own race--so of course it doesn't matter that we all started at different times.
The transition from the swimming to the bike was easy because it was down hill right off the bat but the bike to running is funny because your legs are a little bit wobbly at first. The picture of me walking is really me running. Yes I know that pictures don't lie but I really was running just running very slow. This is how a 10 minute mile pace looks and I really didn't stop once. I had a hard time convincing Scott that I didn't stop and walk because of this picture. My other running pictures look really funny like I'm going to break my hip or at least throw something out of joint. Oh how humbly zazoosh pictures can be. And I forgot my viser to wear during running so my hair is all weird from being wet and then wearing a helmet. I glad I could provide some entertaining pictures for my posterity.
All in all I was nervous but determined, tired but exhilarated and happy at the results but now fired up to be faster and stronger next year.


Here is a link to pictures taken from zazoosh at lotoja my number is 6818 you can type in to see more-- . (you'll have to copy and paste)
I rode leg 2 which started in Preston ID and ended at Montpelier, ID--47 miles-- 20 which were up hill-- exhausting--6mph and telling myself that I didn't feel any pain in my legs-no pain no pain was my mantra for 2 hours. It took me 3 hours and 23 minutes---I was thrilled to be close to the three hour mark. This year I wasn't as prepared for the climbing as last year but the last two years leg two riders have averaged 3 hours so I feel good about my ride.
The down hill on this leg was only approx 4 miles after all that climbing-- not cool-- but I tried to make up time hitting 40mph+ on the downhill. What an incredible rush!! Lots of rolling flats after that between Ovid and Montpelier that was just plain work when riding by yourself. No trains to catch onto this year. The leg ended with an overpass into Montpelier which left my giggling from exhaustion. After climbing up to 7400 ft in elevation an overpass was almost too much for me to climb over and coast into the transition area.
Next year is already in planning. This year I really slacked off on climbing rides. My strength and even endurance was down from last year and I didn't like that one bit. I'm going to train smarter this next year--train during the winter and not eat any cream puffs. Plus I'm going to throw swimming in the mix.
Scott Kettle also rode LOTOJA this year but he was one of the super riders who rode the full 206 miles by himself. Incredible!! He rode the entire ride faster by himself than our relay team rode it. Again INCREDIBLE. This is his 2nd year at LOTOJA. I didn't see him at the race but talked to Sharon the week after at the store.
So much fun to ride and be active. So many people of all ages and sizes that are inspiring and make me want to healthy and active and enjoy life to the fullest.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stay away from cream puffs

I'm still alive but moving very slowly. I'm in desperate need of warm sunshine, fresh air and physical activity. I have been recovery from an attack the first of January from a large plate of cream puffs from Costco. A whole pile of them jumped me and I had to consume all of them to survive. It was not a pretty sight. The side effects have been dogging me for the last two months. But this next weekend I will shake off the deadly fat coils (well not quite shake off just move around and manipulate) and squeeze into a pair of bike shorts and hit the roads in Moab. It will not be a pleasant sight for my fellow cyclists but I'm hoping it will jump start my soul to get moving again.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost my live in babysitter!!

Alas-- I have lost my live in babysitter. Cole has moved on to greener pastures--well in his mind anyway. He has moved to a basement apartment with friends in Lindon. I'm hoping and praying that he finds the nearest bus stop to travel to a new job which he's still looking for and then receive a paycheck and be able to pay his rent and buy food, toilet paper, soap and deodorant. All this needs to happen in the next several days. I must give him points for just heading out the door with courage and adventure leading the way. I think he had more courage because he was acting on a full stomach and had recently used a fully stocked bathroom.
Good luck I say go get em baby, you can do it!!!! Go see what you can accomplish in this big world. Do come see us on Sunday and we'll feed you dinner and give you your birthday present then get on back out there and make a difference.
Oh yes when you're back on Sunday I do need you to take out the garbage, it's past full and please fix the Christmas lights that have come loose and I need you to help me move some furniture around. Oh and also can you stop by every morning around 8:30 for an hour and watch Jack so I can go running. I just started back up again a week ago and was doing really well. Also, I made some Christmas tree cookies tonight and I'm eating quite a few so please come back and eat them so i won't have to.
Other than that go have a great time starting your new adult life and please clean up after yourself and say please and thank you and don't forget to turn off the stove--I know I taught you better than that.
And to everyone else--if you see a tall skinny with sort of long hair kid acting like an adult please be nice and give him a ride or a buck to buy a hamburger or better yet- A JOB!!!!

And pray for his momma to find another a babysitter and stop eating all the cookies!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It seems like my posting days ended with LOTOJA and I'll admit that I've felt like my life's purpose ended also. I've been wondering what I'm supposed to do when I get up each day and Scott's been wondering what I actually do each day since I stopped riding. Not a whole lot I say and he sadly shakes his head. Yes I've been in a funk since I stopped riding. Why did I stop you say--well the week after LOTOJA I took a break, then I got sick for a week and then the weather turned cold and rainy and before I knew it a whole month had gone by with no riding. Scott felt sorry for me so a week ago he took me down to St George and I rode in their fall Tour de St. George. It felt great to be back on the bike although the ride had a lot of big hills and after 67 miles my fanny was screaming to get off the bike. The weather was beautiful in the afternoon but chilly at 8am when we started. Jack had a ball staying in a hotel, being the center of attention of 4 adults, swimming at the pool and getting free cookies from the waiter at the restaurant because he was hamming it up. The weekend was awesome. Just the thing to pull me out of my funk.
I finally pulled out my running shoes again this week. I'm starting all over again it seems but at least I'm doing something and it feels good to move. I've had to accept the hard fact that at this age if I let up at all that I'm not so quick to bounce back and if I'm not paying attention to what I eat all my hard work is for nought very quickly.
I do have some motivation back though to cut out the mindless grazing. Scott is taking me on a second honeymoon for our 20th wedding aniversary coming up in January--somewhere warm with beautiful beaches. I'm all a flutter with excitement.
I have been doing something with my waking time besides eating---I'm painting. I've finally made a decision on colors and I've painted my hallway and bathroom and now I'm working on the kitchen. It's moving slower than I'd like it to--too many interuptions from the three yr old and yes even the 18 yr old but I'm excited that I was finally able to make a decision on the colors and I love how it is turning out. A dark gold (the color of dry mustard) in the hallway and bathroom, and green in the kitchen. It looks great with my Autumn Leaves dark orange/red in the living room. I'm definitely a autumn person.
I hope everyone is doing well. Lori it was fun to see pictures of your trip to Korea and Laura I love looking at your photography pictures. Do you only take pictures of beautiful people?
Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!