Thursday, October 14, 2010

MMmmm breadsticks

I love the day after I get a hair cut. My hair feels soft, no dry ends and it looks great. So I'm truly ready to ride in St George this weekend because it's really all about the hair. No not really because it (the hair) hides all day in my helmet. I am excited to ride in St George this weekend though. Warm weather, good company and a relaxed ride. No worries about time and pushing it-- just out for one last fun ride in beautiful surroundings and weather and top it of with a dip in the pool and then dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and warm breadsticks with whip cream topping. MMMMmmmm. This ride is not about the hair or the weather or even the ride--it's all about eating the breadsticks and whip cream at the end of the day guilt free!!!! Can't wait.

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